Messina Being Sullen and Wonderful and All.

messina 16 040

It’s been a while…

I have been totally not in the mood to post anything here but this morning I woke up with a distinct and very pronounced feeling to create something. This is what came out of it whether that’s good or bad… only time will tell.

Messina, Sicily. A truly beautiful city: unkempt but gorgeous and with so much potential. I was there right in the middle of April, which gave me the opportunity to experience the place in one of its less summery-touristic-beach-going aspects. I loved it. Still, being someone born in a land-locked country and considering my undying love for the sea, whenever I see a relatively large surface of water I have this incredible urge to plunge in. Now you can’t do that in April, not even in Sicily, especially in a weather like this. Result: standing so close to the sea and not swimming in it was something just short of torture for me. I tried practising some self-discipline though and after the initial shock I think I managed to keep this sensation at bay and focus on architecture and food. Ah, the latter is definitely an easy fix.

messina 16 041

These photos were taken during our evening stroll along the corso close to the harbour. This weather…there is something about these dark skies, this impending storm, the wind, the electricity in the air and the sullen sea barely held in check. Like something is just about to explode. This is one of the things that really makes me feel alive. It’s such a profound sentiment and I am certainly missing the talent to describe it.

messina 16 045messina 16 051messina 16 053messina 16 062messina 16 063messina 16 068

A bit later things calmed down a little and we even got to see some Sunshine.

messina 16 070


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