A Daily Dose of Sunshine.

messina 16 090

Some additional material from my trip to Messina. These photos were taken while driving North from downtown Messina to the North, the tip of the Island. On the opposite side, in the distance you can see the sunbathed shores of Calabria.

This is primarily a travel blog but it’s also very personal and in that aspect I will share here that at the moment I’m going through the most difficult time of my life and it’s emotionally debilitating. Not only do I have to deal with a broken heart but also the immense and at the same time sweet responsibility of soon becoming a mother and in addition this will entail changes and decisions that will uproot my life from the very foundations, i.e. which country I live in and my career, so basically everything. On top of that for the moment I should concentrate on work as well, at which I’m failing miserably.

That feeling when all your dreams lay in ruin, none of your projects for life are valid anymore, you see no solutions and you have absolutely no idea which road to take. This shouldn’t be so bad after all: it only means you are totally free! Yet it scares you out of your wits.

Anyways, better days are ahead. I like to remind myself of this inspirational motto: Today starts the rest of your life. This, my dearest readers, is certainly not so bad. =)

messina 16 091

I still have one last post from Sicily then off we go to Hungary!

messina 16 110



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