Galyatető Lookout Tower Panorama.

20160506_190808 need

I took these photos during my visit in Hungary the beginning of May. This is actually the magnificent view from top of the newly refurbished Galyateto Lookout Tower,prize-winning architectual piece. I remember when it used to be much more old-fashioned with its volcanic rock stones, which was also pretty cool in my opinion. But this is absolutely super cool! I will totally sleep in this hiker’s shelter once. Galyateto is the second highest peak in Hungary, already featured on the blog here. It’s a scene of many childhood adventures including trying to learn the art of skiing, which failed miserably. I’m more into sleigh-riding.

20160506_190829 need

I can’t believe it’s already June! For the first time in my life I’d need a lot of time to figure things out before making a life-changing decision and time is something I really don’t have. In a mere two months I’m becoming a mom, which is a completely awesome, humbling, unbelievably miraculous but at the same time frightening event. I think nobody ever feels ready. I just want to do everything right.

20160506_191156 need20160506_191157 need20160506_191158 need


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